domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

A Stewmac fiddle kit

I saw it comming and I know how I am... This summer, after more than 15 years without playing a violin, I tried my fathers violin for just 15 minuts and I liked it. I thought I would be a lot worse but it felt good.
I was good at playing the violin. I played folk music, Classical music and a higly electrified noise avantgarde violin. I played Vivaldi, Bach, Haydn and Mozart violin concerts and I played in the youth simphonic orchestra of Copenhagen. But I left it. The vioin is a demanding bastard and I got tired of it and my ambitions didnt help at all.
So here we are. This is what I´m going to do while I French Polish guitars number 94 and 95. Build a kit fiddle. The kit is horrible. Realy low quality Chinese crap. More about that later. I´m going to build it fast because somehow I dont feel good about having bought this crappy kit and at the same time I want to play...... Lets see what happens.

3 comentarios:

  1. THis is fantastic Andres.. I really hope this will come good. I've always wanted to play the violin but the guitar was taking all the free time. let's see how this will sound like:) Ole':))

  2. They are cheap, but they can be made so much better - a little graduation here, reshape the bass bar there, etc, etc, and you might be surprised :-) All the hard carving is done, at least. Details - we would love to see some details!

  3. Cat, I dont know.. The stewmac kit isnt that cheap. And the quality is very poor. More about that later and this includes details.
    I think I´m more of a hard carver than a buying poor quality chinese crap. And I expected a Stewmac product to be something better.