domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

graduating the front plate of the fiddle

So here is where I am in real world time. I´ve just finished the graduation of the top. Here the problem was that some parts were to thin, so I can only try to make it as close as possible to the desired thickness and hopefully it´ll be "good enough"
The top I´´ve put upside down on the back and sides and with the small thumb planes and a scraper, I´m taking the plates down to the desired thickness, taking care that it´ll be thin enough all the way out towards the edge. On the photo you can see a Hacklinger guide which i use for checking the thickness while I work.
I can feel that this will be a fast build. I want to play......

2 comentarios:

  1. I think these kits do benefit from proper graduation. Mine were both rather thicker than "spec" so it was easier than yours. You would think that Stew-Mac would have better quality control, but I've heard from a couple of other people that their kits were not in great shape right out of the box.

  2. You are totally right. I also thought that stewmac had some kind of control, but I was wrong... I dont understand why they sell a kit like this. Specially because I already added when I ordered, that I was far away, had to pay a ton in import tax and therefor needed a reasonable kit...
    I´ve been a client there for many years and will continue buying some few things that I know, but I have totally lost confidence.
    Besides, I wrote a review on their site. Actually I copied the post that I wrote here a couple of days ago (What to expect from a stewmac fiddle kit) and they havent posted it... What a cheat.