miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

Just thinking

So I bought this poster with dimensions on the backside from thestrad.com.
Its a Jacob Stainer violin from 1679. A Baroque Violin
Maybe this autum/winter I will start building a baroque violin. The reason I chosed the Stainer is:
* The only violin made by "the old masters" that I have tried was a Stainer and it was the sweatest little thing I have tried. Very good for everything pre-romantic era and for fiddling. Being Jazz or folk.
*Its the only poster of a true baroque violin out there. All the others have been converted.

I will not make a 100% coupy, mainly because wood is always different and what Stainer used may have had a different density or stiffnes than what I will use. but I will try to respect the original as much as possible. It has a very nice neckangle. Not totally flat and stil very baroque. The back is extremely thin. Less than 1,5mm in many places. and I have a feeling that I should go somewhere close to that to get the real elegant Stainer feel. We´ll see what happens. :-)