lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Gluing the block for the heel

This is an arty photo of gluing the heel block. I played with the very difficult light with strong sun and deep shadows, trying to capture something artistical. You can see the joining of a soundboard in the background.

domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

martes, 15 de febrero de 2011

miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011

forgetting things inside the guitar

I know its something that happens, but its the first time it happens for me.

Today when I had strung up number 82, I found that it sounded very weak. hmmmm. I decided to wait for a day and went to eat. When I came back to the workshop, I started the preparation for gluing the bridge on number 83 but I couldnt find the clamping caul that I put inside the guitar when I glue the bridge. It wasnt where it should be. I even started to clean the workshop which is the best way to find things and then.... ahhhh 1 + 1 might be 2... Its inside guitar number 82. Yes, there it was glued with double side tape. So in the end it was a happy story. I found my clamping caul, the guitar sounds great and the workshop is cleaner than it was before.

jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

French polishing

Not much to say. Doing small circles on the surface of the guitar with a pad loaded with shellack. So I tried to make some arty photos. I might try to catch the movement better tomorrow.