miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

A new headstock design

So, I made a new headstock design and I would like to know if I unconsciously copied some other builders headstock.
The reasons I ask is that I dont really recognize headstocks very well myself. I study other things in guitarbuilding. Also, when I made my own first headstock design, someone later on told me that it was a Barbero design, which I didnt know.
I´m not going to throw away the other one, just have this as alternative just like I have 2 rosette designs for my 1A guitars.
Amongst guitar builders its very popular to say where they got the inspiration for their designs. Normally it has to do with something Moorish. And arch or a tile from Alhambra. Thats so cultural end educated.
 So I´m proud of saying that the inspiration for this one is from a piece of toilet furniture from IKEA that I watch when sitting on the toilet in my house and to this I´ve added a Conde half moon. They seem to be popular these days.

martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Guitars ready for finishing

3 guitars ready to be French Polished. From right to left: 
#113, a 2A Blanca 
#114, a 1A negra 
#115, a 1A Blanca