martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

graduating the back plate of the fiddle

The back was also to thin. Some places 1,9mm where I would have liked it to be 2,5mm. Whatcan I do? Go ahead and graduate and try to compensate the best I can. Anyways, most of the back was way thick, so it can only get better.
I have already decided that this is not a way to build a Violin/fiddle. As a professional I cant accept that the basic and most impostant part of the instrument is wrong right from the start. Its going to be a violin and its going to sing beautifully. Here I trust my capacities as an instrument maker, but at the same time it has made me take the decission that I have to make a violin from scratch. So I have ordered wood and more about that later.
So back to scraping. Lots of scraping. Fortunately I know how to set up a scraper and maple is such a joy for a scraper freak like me. I listened to the Chieftains 4 and to Kevin Burke "if the cap fits" and lilted a few tunes while I scraped along. There´s no better way for me to forget the outside world. Oh yeah, there´s one more thing. Planking a clinker hull of a boat is being totally out of time and space and the dane becomes a viking and my house becomes Valhalla.

2 comentarios:

  1. Great commentary Anders.. love reading your blog.
    Can't wait to hear that stewmac fiddle sing!

  2. Thanks Andy. I´m building this fiddle very fast. I want to play it.