martes, 21 de enero de 2014

Another hot pipe with two uses

Ok, another hot pipe, this one for violins. 
I cannot take it apart, but here´s the description. 25mm steelpipe. A 5€ chineese soldering iron 40W (maybe 60w I cant remember) which i took apart with a hammer. Some copper wire left over from a boat building project tied around the soldering irons heating element untill its thick enough to touch the inside of the pipe.. 
Stuff it all into the pipe and jam in some aluminium paper with a blunt screwdriver to fill it up and make sure the cord doesnt touch the iron pipe. It takes some 10 minuts to make and it works flawless. But remember to remove rust with a bit of steelwool before using it. 

Another use of the violin bending iron and this is from today. 
A heating element for a small drying cabinet, where my latest creation is waiting for its turn. 
It keeps a steady 22 - 24 celcius and 50 - 55% Rh 

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