lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

A cheap bending iron

I can remember when i started to build I found that the list of tools was overwhelming. I started up with very few tools and still dont have many. The traditional Spanish working method doesnt require a big tool park. 
I made some tools back then, because i couldnt build without and because my money wasnt for buying. So I will slowly upload pictures of those who been in use and have proven to work. 
So first a bending iron. All metal and wood is container scratch. Stainless steel tube and some alu pieces. Bulb is 100W. I made it for my first build and its still in use. I have a homemade sidebender (that´ll com up later) but i still use the pipe for some things. here you see it in use for bending strips for the rosettes and i also use it for final bending cypress sides. You can have the most advanced sidebending machine that can be bought for money but it wont change the fact that cypress has a lot of springback. So much that I final bend on the pipe while assembling. You can build without doing so, by simply using a lot of clamps to force the sides into the building jig, but IMHO, this only creates a lot of stress in the guitar and i strongly believe that the more stress free you can build the better. 
And that said, you dont need anything else in order to bend sides. Bending machines are only for comfort and time saving. 

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