jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

Starting number 101

Number 101 is something special. A Panama rosewood negra with mechanical pegs and an inlayed soundport.
The Panama rosewood is the last set I have. Thats a petty because I really like it. Its some 10 - 20% lighter than East Indian rosewood but with a very nice high ringing taptone. Not to glassy, but more woody.. This should mean a slightly faster attack and less sustain.
I would have liked to buy more of this wood. But what happened is that I bought it some 7 years ago and stored and aged the wood for 4 years  before making the first guitar with the wood.  I liked it a lot and  decided to buy more, but since then I have only been able to find sets of a much poorer quality. Flatsawn and expensive. So its another tonewood that I will not use anymore. But I´m going to enjoy building with this set. The color is very pretty. I´ll call it nut brown and it´ll make a beautifull contrast with a set of dark indian rosewood bindings.
The soundboard is a piece of German spruce

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