domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

my current bracing system

Well, here it is, the bracing system that I use now. Its my own.... Well you can say that there´s nothing new in it. Evereything is traditional and tryed before. But its not a copy. Thats why I call it my own. Its the bracing system that I prefer when it comes to pulsation and feel of the guitar. I like the response. It took me years to understand what the pro players meant when they talked about the feeling. I was always thinking about the sound as the basic point. Well, the sound has to be right, but the feel is more important. If the guitar feels right, then you play well and then YOU sound well. Its actually pretty simple. Its just the other way round as what most not so good players think.
The guitar is number 90.

2 comentarios:

  1. Beautifully work as always....I like the long bridge plate.. Just one question, What are those dots on the tentellones? Do you clamp them when you glue them?

  2. The little dots in the center of the tentellones are from the pointy tool I use when gluing them. I put a tentellone on the tool, dip it in hot hide glue and press it down into the body of the guitar. Hot hide glue has this capacity of "dragging" things together when drying, so clamping is not necesary