viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

Bracing the soundboard

I´m going to do a little series about how I brace the soundboard. The bracing system is my own, but there´s absolutely nothing new about it. Evereything has been proven and used by others. Maybe my combination is different and not being used before. I dont know.
On the first photo you see the soundboard with a bridge strap and a soundhole reinforcement.
The bridge strap is what works the best for me. Its very thin, less than 1,5mm and tapers to the ends. I´ve built with bridge strap, with bridge reinforcement and with nothing and I´ve done it on many guitars. In the end this is what I prefer. But its something personal and others will take other decissions during their building career. There are so many ways to build a good guitar and the most important thing is that you find your own way.

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