viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

wood imperfections

I´m doing final sanding and preparing for French polish these days. Here you have two photos of number 83 both with some examples of wood imperfection.
The top one, the headstock is a perfect example of using a wood imperfection to make somethink look prettyer or with more character. Ebony is very black and sometimes, when finished, and especially on a peghead, it might look a little bit "flat". I found this piece with a small imperfection, which gives it a lot more life. I call it "hair" and this hair does that I find that this is maybe the prettyest headstock I´ve made so far. Every time I pick up this guitar, I look at the hair and i smile.
The other photo is of what happens sometimes. When final sanding, a wood imperfection shows up. It wasnt there when I picked the wood and it didnt show up when working the wood untill... when the guitar is finished. It has absolutely no impact on sound or durability. Its "only" visual.
Before, a thing like that would have made me unhappy. But I´have learned to accept and to respect woods right to express itself. So now I dont see it as something wrong or ugly. I see it as part of the wood and the guitar. Its character.

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