miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

My workbenches

A guy over at foroflamenco.com asked about the size of my workbench.
Its 150 x 50cm and it works very well. With this size, I can work on both sides of the guitar without having to move it. There´s enough space on both sides of the guitar so that you can clamp a wooden block on bothe sides of the guitar so that it doesnt move when routing, and many other things.
I like to kep my workbench clean. I dont like to enter the workshop and se it with a lot of things on top.
BUT... since every coin has two sides, or everything has its ying yang, I also have a chaos workbench, where I leave dings and dangs and where I sometimes cant find what I´m looking for.

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  1. You need to look at upgrading those workbenches have a look at the new esd workbenches. They are a really great, i replaced all of mine but my benches are falling a part.